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Is This the End for the Vaquita?

Fellow producer Sean Bogle and myself recently spent 10 days in the upper Gulf of California where tensions over fishing restrictions imposed by the Mexican government have begun to erupt. … Read more »


Community Screenings in San Felipe

  In the days before fellow producer Sean Bogle and I left to come down to San Felipe, many people warned us not to come. El Golfo de Santa Clara,… Read more »


A Diverse Array of Perspectives on Vaquita Recovery

  Souls of the Vermilion Sea producer/director Sean Bogle and myself arrived here in San Felipe two days ago where we met up with filmmaker and collaborator Brenda Razo from Mexico… Read more »


Souls of the Vermilion Sea Filming Continues!

Once again we have returned to the Upper Gulf of California for our third expedition to capture the beauty of the area and the complexity of the vaquita’s story.  Our crew… Read more »


Greetings from San Felipe, Mexico!

I’ve been in Mexico for four days now along with our volunteer Joe Shull (Biology student at BSU and volunteer coordinator at the Aquarium of Boise) and we are just now… Read more »


Ramona Mays joins the production team for Souls of the Vermilion Sea

We are extremely excited to announce that Ramona Mays has joined our production team for Souls of the Vermilion Sea as our Executive Producer! Ramona’s dedication to marine mammal conservation and… Read more »