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How Can I Help the Vaquita?

For the past two years since we began working on our documentary Souls of the Vermilion Sea we have struggled with this central question: What can others do to help… Read more »


From CEDO to Ocean Star!

From CEDO to Ocean Star! As we drive down the east side of the Sea of Cortez I can’t help but notice how different the east shore is from the west shore…. Read more »


Souls of the Vermilion Sea Filming Continues!

Once again we have returned to the Upper Gulf of California for our third expedition to capture the beauty of the area and the complexity of the vaquita’s story.  Our crew… Read more »


High School Student Mari Hoffman is working to Save the Vaquita!

****The following is a guest post from San Diego High School student, Mari Hoffman. Mari spent two days with us on the Maria Cleofas helping search for the elusive vaquita… Read more »


The Search for Vaquita Continues on Board the Maria Cleofas

****The following is another blog post from volunteer Joe Shull, from Aquarium of Boise and Boise State University, who is assisting in the production of our film project Souls of… Read more »


Mexican Government Officials are Treated to ANOTHER Vaquita Sighting!

Yesterday was a big day for Vaquita conservation efforts. As Joe and I left the vaquita survey vessel “Ocean Star”, a group of Mexican dignitaries were heading out to board… Read more »


EOC 041: Kestrel Research in Idaho’s Treasure Valley with Julie Heath

Episode Summary: Today on the show we’re talking with Boise State University professor and kestrel researcher Julie Heath.  Julie manages one of the largest and longest running kestrel research projects… Read more »


Match Campaign for Souls of the Vermilion Sea!

Match Campaign for Souls of the Vermilion Sea! We are very excited to announce that one of our very generous donors will match every pledge that comes into our kickstarter… Read more »


EOC 028: Barbara Taylor’s Mission to Save the Vaquita

Episode Summary: Dr. Barbara Taylor is on a life-long mission to save the vaquita from extinction. She has been working with this critically endangered porpoise for over 30 years, and… Read more »


EOC 026: A New Film about the Struggle to Save the Vaquita with Sean Bogle

Click on the photo above to jump to our kickstarter campaign for the film! Episode Summary: Today on the show we’re talking about vaquita conservation and a new Wild Lens… Read more »