Why should we save any species? Does the Vaquita play an important role in the Gulf of California ecosystem where it lives? The simple answer is – we have no idea! The Vaquita wasn’t even discovered by scientists until the late 1950s, at which point it was presumed that the species was already in decline. There just hasn’t been enough research to understand what kind of impact this animal’s disappearance might have on the ecosystem.

Many would argue that all species have inherent value and should be protected from extinction simply because that is the morally responsible thing to do. One cannot ignore however the fact that extinction is a natural process. The vast majority of species that have lived on this planet are now extinct. Is it any different if humans are the driving force behind extinctions? These are questions that we hope to delve into in this film as we follow the biologists, conservationists and activists who are fighting to save the Vaquita.

Banner photo credit: Tom Jefferson

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Some limited progress has been made towards closing down the gillnet fisheries that threaten the vaquita, but not surprisingly this has proven challenging, and many fishermen and fishing collectives have been resistant.


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