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EOC 030: Vaquita Conservation in Mexico with “Mr. Vaquita” Lorenzo Rojas-Bracho

Episode Summary: Today on the show we’re talking with Dr. Lorenzo Rojas-Bracho who is the head of marine mammal conservation and research for the National Institute of Ecology and Climate… Read more »


On the Cusp of Change!

  Now that I have returned to my home base, this is the period where I must make sense of everything that I have filmed and learned over the last… Read more »


EOC 029: A Kickstarter Training Session with Jamey Stegmaier

Episode Summary: Today on the podcast we’re talking with Jamey Stegmaier, the co-founder of Stonemaier Games, a board game design company. Jamey has run kickstarter campaigns for each of the… Read more »


Match Campaign for Souls of the Vermilion Sea!

Match Campaign for Souls of the Vermilion Sea! We are very excited to announce that one of our very generous donors will match every pledge that comes into our kickstarter… Read more »


Hasta Pronto San Felipe!

I will start out by saying that the last three and a half weeks were more than a success.  Everything that I had sought out to do in capturing the… Read more »


The first wave of filming is near its end!

Every day has been full of unexpected encounters, which of course keeps things alive and exciting. Recently there was a pleasant cooling trend that spawned from the out edge of… Read more »


EOC 028: Barbara Taylor’s Mission to Save the Vaquita

Episode Summary: Dr. Barbara Taylor is on a life-long mission to save the vaquita from extinction. She has been working with this critically endangered porpoise for over 30 years, and… Read more »


Searching for the Elusive Vaquita

Searching for the Elusive Vaquita The past couple of days have been extremely consuming, with having to get meet up with the local conservation group National Commission of Natural Protected… Read more »


A trip to Seattle for the Northwest Emmy Awards

As many of our followers probably saw from my barrage of social media posts, this past weekend my wife Miranda and I attended the Northwest Regional Emmy Award Ceremony in… Read more »


Sounds Of The Vermilion Sea

Sounds of the Vermilion Sea It’s my first morning to watch the sun bring the sea to life.  There’s a light breeze and the sand is cool on my feet…. Read more »